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Welcome to Dad’s House. We are an award-winning comedy
group making sketch comedy and commercials in Portland, Oregon.


The Dad's House Team



On the far reaches of the plains of Mars there lies a single pile of dust that marks the spot where Ben touched off into space at the age of five. Half of his soul remains there. The other half meanders around aimlessly on Earth, making videos and trying not to smoke cigarettes and wondering, with a nagging sense of loss, what it’s forgetting, and how it knows something is forgotten.



Who is Taylor? Does he really exist? Is he just a CGI framework designed by Nick and Ryan in their free time during that year they worked at the same place? When his face stretches in one of its many unnaturally comedic forms, is it because, in fact, there is no face at all?




Ryan doesn’t want you to know who he is, and frankly, he’s not sure who he is. He was born in Gresham, but beyond that, he is aware more than anyone of the true mutability of our identity. If a human visage can be shifted from a smile to a frown, from glee to unbearable sorrow, merely by the interplay of chemicals and the induction of currents, then what is a human, truly, beyond their atoms, beyond those mechanics, beyond our physical plane?



What are these laws of physics, that govern us with such utter rigidity? How come, the more we understand them, the more questions are raised? This world we live in is mysterious, and our figures upon it are mere shadows, walking in the dim light, and but briefly.



What you share, what I share, what Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Lincoln and Ke$ha share, is death, death in many forms but only one true result, the completion of ourselves in this world, the final gasp as our mission, as we could understand it, screaming and crying on this earth, expires.



Justen is a professional Camera Assistant and DP, who has worked on various productions and television shows all around Oregon, including Grimm, Portlandia, Librarians, and several low-budget and indie features and shorts. His personal site can be found at www.jhundley.pictures.


We are actively seeking collaborators.

If you're a writer, producer, actor, actress, or just want to help a group of people make stuff, shoot us a message.